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The funeral of a tiger in India

Tigress Macleigh, who became the legendary founder of the dynasty of Indian tigers, died on Thursday, August 18, at the age of 19. During the last five days the animal did not eat. This is reported by The Times of India.

A lot of documentaries were shot about the life of a big cat. To see Mačli, cameramen came from different countries. Tigress liked to pose in front of the lenses of photo and video cameras. During her long life she became an honorary symbol of her biological kind. As is known, the average life expectancy of tigers in the natural environment reaches 10-14 years.

All 19 years, Machli lived in a forest near the Rantambor park in Indian Rajasthan. The contribution of the animal to the economy of the reserve is estimated at about $ 10 million each year. Behind the striped beauty, even the nickname “The Queen of Rantambor” was fixed.

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