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The dog “saved” the policeman by making him an indirect massage of the heart

In fact, it is impossible to save a man, but the dog tried very hard.

On June 22, the Madrid police published a video of public training of service dogs. In the video of a dog named Poncho tried to make an indirect heart massage to the officer, jumping on his chest. Periodically, the animal fell head over the employee’s neck and allegedly checked his pulse.

In the comments noted that the dog would hardly have been able to thus save a person. The Madrid police confirmed this . “It’s just a trick. Poncho taught him for the visit of schoolchildren, in fact he does not know how to do indirect heart massage, “said law enforcement official Fernando Rodriguez. He added that dogs do not have enough strength to pressurize the chest, and they simply can not determine the pulse.

The poncho was trained this trick several years ago, and he performs it when schoolchildren come to the police for an excursion. However, the dog also has serious problems – he is looking for explosives in Madrid.

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