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The disgruntled girl from the meme about the wrong guy is again becoming popular. She is constantly surprised

At the same time it is constantly with gadgets, but what plagues it into shock is incomprehensible.

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In August 2017 became a popular meme about the wrong guy . In the photo with Shutterstock, a man holds a girl’s hand and looks at the other. The author gave the photos the official name – “The wrong man is going with the girl and looks in amazement at another attractive girl.” It is still sold on stock sites, but popularity in social networks has not helped it to turn into real earnings. That photo shoot was not the only one with the same models. In Twitter, they even invented a “continuation” based on other stock images – the young man stayed away, and the girl he looked at began to communicate with his girlfriend.

The meme’s hero about the wrong guy, “disgruntled girl”, was popular on the site of stock photos. Attention to the pictures with her drew the user of Twitter Ernie Smith.

In the photos that Smith found, the girl is mostly captured in different situations with gadgets, which reacts with a stormy surprise. He suggested that the girl was constantly shocked.


“Do you know the girl on the right? I want to show you something, guys. ”

“She easily falls into shock when she looks at the screens”

“Well, that is, she’s really shocked”

“In sheer unbelief”

“Her friends are also in shock”

“She is shocked even when she uses a laptop”

“And something is very shocking to her, even when she is with her friend”

“She is shocked even when she is wearing a blue shirt. But not as usual ”

“Especially [shocked] when he puts on glasses”

“Or read the letter, again, in front of the screen [gadget]”

“Or when he looks at someone’s phone”

“Or on the beach on a clear day”

“Or while walking along the street in a red coat”

“Or when he studies the annual report with a colleague”

“Or without a phone at all”

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