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Reddit found a song that is very similar to “This Is America”. Representatives of Donald Glover deny plagiarism

The author of “American Pharaoh” published in 2016 is proud to have inspired Childish Gambino.

A frame from the clip “This Is America”

June 25, user Reddit published the track “American Pharaoh” little-known rapper Jase Harley. According to the author, one of the hits of this year’s “This Is America” ​​by musician Childish Gambino (real name – Donald Glover) turned out to be a plagiarism of this composition. The composition of 2016 also raises the problems of American society, the cruelty and circulation of weapons, besides the songs are similar in terms of musical arrangements.

Track Jase Harley – “American Pharaoh”, released in 2016:

The track Childish Gambino – “This Is America”, released in 2018:

Glover’s representative reacted to accusations of plagiarism: he wrote on Twitter (the tweet is already deleted) that “This Is America” ​​was recorded three years ago and it could not be stolen from the song of 2016. According to him, the musician has original Pro Tools recording files as evidence.

Twitter users made a separate mashup to compare the songs of Glover and Jase Harley.

However, Jase Harley asked the fans not to blame Glover for plagiarism because he was “inspired” by them. The rapper is not going to go to court and wants the listeners not to forget about the message that underlies both songs.

I am extremely proud to be one of the inspirations for one of the most important works of music and visual art of our time. But, please, do not let this dispute destroy that message that we and Childish Gambino want to convey.

Jase Harley
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