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NVIDIA video card of the new generation appeared on the photo

At Reddit, the well-wisher NVIDIA posted a photo of the next-generation video card equipped with Micron’s GDDR6 memory. Judging by the abundance of connectors and jumpers, we have a prototype. And most likely, a prototype of the line of accelerators Quadro or Tesla, rather than GeForce. However, most of them use the same card design, emphasizes the resource VideoCardz .

The photo clearly shows the place for installing a graphics processor. It is surrounded by 12 GDDR6 memory modules. The board is equipped with three 8-pin power connectors and one similar to NVLink. This high-speed interface is used in the NVIDIA Tesla GPU, as it supports up to six connections with a total bandwidth of 300 GB / s.

It’s not entirely clear how the prototype of the next-generation video card could fall into the hands of enthusiasts. But, apparently, someone once again decided to play with fire and violate the agreement on non-disclosure of confidential information.

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