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In the United States, they wanted to arrange a harassment of the restaurant, from which Trump’s press secretary was expelled. But mixed institutions

Instead, the disgruntled turned to another restaurant in Washington. And to the publishing house from Los Angeles.

Twitter users staged online persecution of the restaurant Red Hen, whose leadership on June 22 refused to serve the press secretary of the White House, Sarah Sanders. The owner of the institution kicked her out because of her work on the “inhuman administration” and support of Trump’s “cruel” policy.

The restaurant from which Sanders was expelled is called Red Hen (Red Chicken) and is located in Lexington, Virginia. However, many users turned to Twitter not to that account: they confused the institution from Virginia with a similar institution from Washington (DC).

Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia. Google Maps Screenshot The building of the restaurant Red Hen in Washington. Google Maps Screenshot
Some commentators have demanded from the Red Chicken from Washington to oppose the actions of the Red Chicken from Lexington. In social networks, two restaurants were considered a part of one franchise.

“Please make a public statement condemning the actions [of the owner of the Red Kurochka, which expelled Sarah Sanders] and invite all Americans to your other institutions”

Others attacked the Washington restaurant with harsh criticism.

Only Democrats want you to bake them a cake if it’s against your beliefs, but in the same breath be able to not serve you if they feel like it. Absolutely pathetic.

“Only democrats can force others to bake cakes that contradict their beliefs, but do not serve those who do not like them. Absolutely pathetic “

“No problem. Patriots will no longer support your restaurant. I hope the owners of the Red Chicken know how to apply for unemployment benefits ”
Representatives of the Washington “Red Chicken” began to receive so many reports that they clarified: they have nothing to do with the incident. Critics of Red Hen also had to write a publishing house of the same name from Los Angeles.

“Good morning! Last night, Ms. Press Secretary visited the unrelated [with us] Red Chicken in Lexington, not our restaurant in the District of Columbia ”

“Red Chicken from the District of Columbia and the Red Chicken Publishers are checking their tweets after the Red Chicken from Lexington refused to serve Sarah Sanders.”
Some noticed that in addition to the “Red Chicken” in Washington, there is also a restaurant “Red Rooster” in Harlem. After that, the representatives of the Washington institution addressed the council to their colleagues.

In response to the claims to the franchise representatives of the Red Kurochka repeated many times that they have nothing to do with the restaurant in Lexington, they have different owners and belong to different companies. They added that they could not even drive out anyone for political reasons: the institution is located in the federal territory, where it is prohibited.

“The meaning of the word” unconnected “is that we are not connected. Dictionary of Mary-Webster, will you help a little with the word of the day? ”

“Businesses in the District of Columbia are forbidden to discriminate people for political connections, because we are in the federal district. We have patrons on both sides [of the political spectrum] ”
After that, users who stepped on the side of the “Red Chicken” from Washington, began to ask questions to representatives of the institution, not related to the scandal surrounding the presidential press secretary.

“A very important question, given the volatility of the situation: what character of the series [about the White House]” West Wing “is your favorite?” / “The restaurant can not have pets, but …”

Okay, okay, Red Chicken from the District of Columbia, how about positions on issues that do not receive the well-deserved attention from mainstream media: what is the greatest Radiohead album for the band’s entire existence? »/« Perhaps this will also cause controversy, but I choose Kid A »

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