How to install public iOS 12 right now

Apple has finally released a public beta version of iOS 12. Now anyone can try the operating system.

It’s time to try out a new operating system. Of course, if you are ready for this, and you do not mind the main device.

Which devices are supported

iOS 12 works on the same devices that support iOS 11. So it will work on:


– iPhone 5s 
– iPhone 6 
– iPhone 6 Plus 
– iPhone 6s 
– iPhone 6s Plus 
– iPhone SE 
– iPhone 7 
– iPhone 7 Plus 
– iPhone 8 
– iPhone 8 Plus 
– iPhone X


– 12.9 iPad Pro (1st generation) 
– 12.9 iPad Pro (2nd generation) 
– 9.7 iPad Pro 
– 10.5 iPad Pro 
– iPad (5th generation) 
– iPad Air 2 
– iPad Air 
– iPad mini 4 
– iPad mini 3 
– iPad mini 2


– iPod Touch 6th Generation

Preparing the device

Before installing a new version of the operating system, it is recommended to make a backup copy of the device. This is necessary in case something goes wrong during the installation, or you decide to roll back to iOS 11.

And remember: the backup copy of iOS 12 beta is not compatible with iOS 11.4 and below.

On the device itself

Step 1 . Go to Settings -> Apple ID -> iCloud -> Backup.

Step 2 . Turn on the iCloud Backup toggle and wait for the completion.

Via iTunes

Step 1 . Connect the iPhone or iPad to the computer on the wire and open iTunes.

Step 2 . Go to the top of the program in the section with your device.

Step 3 . In the Automatic Copy Creation section, select this computer .

Step 4 . Click Create a copy now and wait for the backup to finish.

That’s all, we are prepared for a bad outcome.

How to install iOS 12 Public Beta

Now it’s time to install iOS 12 Public Beta on your iOS device. We proceed.

Step 1 . We go to the site of beta testers Apple.

Step 2 . Click Register and enter the information from your Apple ID.

Step 3 . Next, we need to register your device for testing the new OS.

Click on this link and download the profile.

Step 4 . Reboot the device, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update .

Why do not I download the beta?

Most likely, the problem lies in the previously pre-installed profile for beta testing. It must be deleted.

Be sure to delete the old profile and reboot the device. It is located in the Settings -> General -> Profiles menu .

Then you can start downloading and installing iOS 12 beta.

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