Google brazenly stole the main chip iOS 7

With the release of operating systems iOS 7 and OS X Lion, Apple introduced one of the most sought after chips associated with the exchange of files between AirDrop devices. To transfer large files, developers used a bunch of wireless protocols, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Seven years later, Apple decided to repeat the success of Google. Similar to the AirDrop feature, the company added to its own file manager Files Go [ Download on Google Play ].

In the next update, an additional Send tab appeared in the application.


The innovation offers fast sending and receiving of files without using the Internet. All that is required from the exchanging devices is the installation of the Files Go application.

The detection of gadgets and the transmission principle completely duplicate that in AirDrop. If you believe the developers, then the maximum data transfer speed can reach 500 Mbit, and in theory is limited only by the technical capabilities of the router.

On the one hand, Google should pay tribute to such a convenient option for sharing files on Android-devices. On the other hand, well, you can not so brazenly copy AirDrop and S Beam from Samsung.

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