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Creator cheats for Overwatch for a year were imprisoned in South Korea

As long as we live in 2018, South Korea is stepping over the 2038th. Two years ago in the country a tough anti-cheater law was adopted, under which you can be imprisoned for two years. And today we learn about the court, which ended for the Korean cheat maker with a suspended sentence.

The severity of the current sentence is explained by the high income that a 28-year-old boy received. On the cheat program, which he used himself, and also sold through the Internet, the Korean earned about $ 180,000, reports Dot Esports . The publication notes that for this he received a year of probation with two years of probation.

At the beginning of the year, 13 cheaters were detained in South Korea. Two of them got off with a fine of $ 10,000 and two years suspended. Another 10 accused are waiting for their trial.

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