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Bloomberg: Even the Swedes doubt the social state

Among Swedish citizens growing dissatisfaction with high taxes due to problems in the work of the social security system.

First and foremost, the healthcare system was criticized. The number of people waiting for a specialist or an operation to take more than 90 days increased more than 3 times from 2014 to almost 50 thousand people. And many pregnant women were refused observation simply because there are not enough doctors, and medical centers are closed.

Number of people waiting to receive a specialist or surgery for more than 90 days

Despite the increased crime situation (there are more than 600,000 refugees per 10 million Sweden), the police do not do anything. In the formerly quiet regions of the country, the frequency of crimes increased several times.

The number of people who think they pay too high taxes has increased from 27% in 2014 to 45% in 2018. Social democrats, the most numerous party in the country, begin to lose their voters in huge numbers, while the popularity and support of the right conservative party only grows.

Contrary to the fact that disappointment in the current system is growing at an enormous pace, sotsdemy not going to change anything. Moreover, recently one of the leaders of the party and the head of the financial committee of the parliament stated that these are not the highest taxes that can be obtained in the future, so that they will not be reduced exactly.

Parliamentary elections in Sweden will be held on September 9.

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