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“BBC”: almost the whole system of control of Chechnya consists of relatives and friends of Kadyrov

But in the republic “nothing surprising” is seen in this.

Kadyrov with State Duma deputy Adam Delimkhanov and speaker of the Chechen parliament Magomed Daudov. Photo by Sergey Savostyanov, BBC

Most of the major officials of Chechnya – people close to Ramzan Kadyrov, considered the BBC. Of 158 officials, 30% are Kadyrov’s relatives, 23% are fellow villagers, another 12% are Kadyrov’s friends and their relatives.

Journalists identified 18 key figures in the legislature, law enforcement agencies and business of the region, who make the most important decisions. Among them were eight friends of Kadyrov, three of his relatives and two fellow villagers, but among them there are few representatives of the Kadyrovs. The press minister of the region Dzhambulat Umarov told the publication that if Kadyrov takes his family into the nearest circle of people, they are more responsible than the rest of the team.

The three most influential people in Chechnya after Kadyrov are State Duma deputy Adam Delimkhanov, Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic Magomed Daudov and SOBR commander Terek Abuzaid Vismuradov – all of them close friends of the head of the region.

Chechnya’s leadership includes four close friends of Kadyrov, nine fellow-villagers, two nephews, associates of his father Akhmad Kadyrov and relatives of Delimkhanov. Of the 73 members of the government and the parliament of Chechnya, there are 19 relatives and 14 fellow villagers in the leadership positions of Kadyrov.

The financial flows are also managed by Kadyrov’s relatives, the BBC reports. The Akhmat Kadyrov Foundation (which the publication calls the main financial body of Chechnya) is headed by the mother of the head of the republic Aymani Kadyrov, and his vice-president is the wife of Kadyrov Medni.

The publication notes that Kadyrov is changing his approach to appointing cadres and recently he surrounds himself with young people from among relatives. The son of Sister Kadyrov was appointed the new mayor of Grozny, the head of UGIBDD, the son of another sister, the son of his own brother, headed the district where the head of Chechnya lived and grew up, and his nephew headed the fund for supporting entrepreneurship.

In Chechnya itself, nothing surprising in Kadyrov’s attachment to the appointments of people from his entourage is not seen. In the Russian legislation there is a notion of “conflict of interests” in the civil service – it is understood that people who are connected by personal relationships should not work in such positions where their personal relations could interfere with objective decision-making.

According to Minister Umarov, the fact that Kadyrov is surrounded by people who studied, grew up and fought with him, hardly fits the definition of a conflict of interest. “Kadyrov’s strategy is to fight corruption, not develop it,” Umarov said.

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