Apple will lower prices for the model of the iPhone in 2018. But do not roll your lip

One of the main reasons why the iPhone X was not selling as well as analysts expected was its cost. Even for the States, even with their installments and trade-in $ 1000 is a noticeable amount. But there is good news. Apple will consider this in the pricing policy of smartphones of the 2018 model line.

Morgan Stanley analyst Kathy Huberti suggests that the price of new smartphones at launch will be lower than that of smartphones in 2017.

So, the iPhone with an 5.8-inch OLED display will sell for $ 900 – $ 100 cheaper than the original iPhone X. But the slot of a thousand-dollar smartphone will take the model with an 6.5-inch OLED display (the proposed iPhone X Plus). Both models cross the psychological threshold, if buyers want to get more internal memory.

Also, the analyst expects a 6.1-inch smartphone with an LCD screen at a price between $ 700 and $ 770.

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