A tricky way to determine the quality of the MacBook keyboard

Last week, Apple admitted that the new keyboard with a butterfly mechanism still has problems. As an apology, the company launched a global replacement program at authorized service centers around the world.

As it turned out, the updated keyboards also exist in two versions and depend on the year of release of the laptop. That is, Apple has already tried to change something in the “butterfly” mechanism, but it seems that not all has turned out.

If you trust in rude statistics, the second generation of keyboards is more reliable than the first, but how to distinguish them visually?

We give a simple lifhak.

In the photo below, the first generation keyboard is installed in the MacBook Pro. Pay attention to the keys Option, Command and Enter.

And this is the second generation keyboard. Her Apple has been installing since 2017, having made cosmetic changes in the mechanism of the keys.

Instead of a double signature, Alt has a symbol. The same symbol was applied to the Control key, but with the Enter removed all sorts of notes.

The keyboard of the “butterfly” type of the second generation is more tenacious, although it is unlikely that it will match the classic “scissors” in terms of stability and reliability. When choosing a MacBook or giving it to a service, pay attention to what type of keyboard is installed in the model. This will make your life easier for further use.

What is the keyboard on my MacBook / MacBook Pro?

If you were not in the service and did not change anything, then your laptop has a regular keyboard.

– In the 12-inch MacBook 2015/2016, the Butterfly V1 is the first generation. 
– In the MacBook Pro 2016 installed Butterfly V1 – the first generation 
– All MacBooks, released in 2017 equipped with a Butterfly V2 keyboard.

Have understood.

And now about the most pleasant

If the keyboard of your MacBook is covered with a copper basin and begins to shamelessly stick, safely go to the service and ask for a replacement.

A pleasant moment is that you will definitely be provided with a second generation butterfly keyboard. Even if you have a 12-inch MacBook first revision or MacBook Pro 2016. Like this.

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