The network has a press photo of the smartphone Meizu 16

The network has a picture of the smartphone Meizu 16, which will be officially launched in August. The actual device is depicted on it, it is not known, but the source claims that we have a press photo of the novelty. A distinctive (relatively distinctive) feature of the smartphone will be a large screen without a “visor” and a “Home” button at the bottom.

As follows from the photo, the main camera will be located in the middle of the back panel vertically, and not from the side, as was supposed before. It is not visible in the usual place and the fingerprint scanner – it can be built into the display or into the power button on the side. Or press photos are not. However, Meizu has a patent for a fingerprint sensor under the display.

It is expected that Meizu 16 will go on sale in two configurations: with Snapdragon 845 and Snapdragon 710 processors. A more productive model is likely to receive the Plus prefix in the title. The price of the smartphone is about $ 615.

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