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No murder at the wedding. “John Snow” married the “wild”

Kitt Harrington married Rose Leslie! No not like this. John Snow married the wild Igritt! That’s so clear. 31-year-old newlyweds played a wedding in one of the castles of Scotland. Local tabloids claim that, unlike the serial passions, this time the wedding cost without a single murder.

At the ceremony, in addition to the couple’s relatives, many actors from the “Game of Thrones” were present. Among the invited stars, one could see Peter “Tyrion” Dinklage, Sophie “Sansu” Turner, Emilia “Deyneris” Clark and Macy “Aryu” Williams.

Kitt and Rose met during the filming of the “Game of Thrones” in 2012. According to Harrington, it was in Iceland with its magical views, so it was easy to fall in love. Especially when it comes to a person in whom you need to fall in love with the script of the film.

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