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In Saransk, the hotel was surrounded by a double fence because of fans who prevented Ronaldo from sleeping

The Portuguese attacker had to go to the window to calm the Iranian fans.

The authorities of Saransk have fenced a double-fenced hotel in which the Portuguese national team lives during the World Cup 2018. On June 24, several Iranian fans came to the hotel to sing loudly and shout, which made it difficult for the players to sleep. June 25 at the stadium “Mordovia Arena” will play a decisive match between Portugal and Iran.

On the night of June 25, the publication Marca published a video, which shows how the Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo peeks out the window. Under the windows of the hotel for several hours, a group of fans from Iran made a noise, who met the football player with an ovation, but did not become quieter.

On the morning of June 25, around the hotel, an additional yellow fence was placed, which does not allow you to approach the hotel closely. As noted by the local newspaper “Capital C”, because of this the authorities had to block the pedestrian zone.

Fans of Iran and Ronaldo at the hotel team of Portugal. Photo «Capital C»
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