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In China, they started making drones that look like birds. Journalists are afraid that this is for surveillance of residents

Small drones can fly in a real flock and circumnavigate densely populated areas.

Photo of South China Morning Post

In five provinces of China began to use bird-like drones, which are created by military institutions. According to sources from South China Morning Post, thus the government wants to establish a strong surveillance of local residents.

The government program, established at the North-West Political University in Xi’an, was named “Pigeon.” In the aeronautics department confirmed the development of poultry drones, but in “very small scales.” Employees of the university added that they consider such devices promising for use in civil aviation.

Unlike ordinary drones, “doves” mimic the movements of the bird’s wing, and can also gain altitude and make sharp dives in the air. According to one of the participants in the program, a new generation of devices can hide from human eyes and military radar. They produce a minimum of noise and look like real birds, equipped with a camera, GPS-sensor and satellite communication.

Photo of South China Morning Post
SCMP sources added that the creators of the drones conducted two thousand test flights. Most often, “pigeons” patrolled the territory on the border with Mongolia, Russia and Kazakhstan, as well as the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, in which several thousand Muslims live.

The Chinese government has been developing technologies to control citizens for several years. In several schools , face recognition systems have been installed to calculate distracted students, social networks block certain words and phrases, and a rating system for local residents is tested .

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