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In China, blocked websites HBO because of jokes about Winnie the Pooh in a report by John Oliver

The journalist recalled the similarity of the Chinese president with the Disney bear.

A frame from the Last Week Tonight, dedicated to Xi Jinping

The site of the cable network HBO, which produces the show Last Week Tonight, was not available in China. Users also could not connect to the site of the HBO Asia network, relaying American broadcasts to China through the local subscription service Tencent TV. This is evidenced by the data of the resource, which tracks blockages in China.

HBO sites were not available at least June 23 – two days after the Chinese social network Weibo began blocking the mention of the name of the leading Last Week Tonight, John Oliver.

Then the lock was connected with the report of Oliver about Xi Jinping. The journalist recalled the popular comparison of the Chinese leader with Disney’s Winnie the Pooh, which caused a wave of censorship in Chinese social networks. Oliver also took a parody of a government video, adding the phrase “This is China, which X does not want to show you”.

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