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Archpriest of the ROC Alexy Chaplin: “Raising the retirement age – punishing Russians for their sins”

b Many priests and Orthodox publicists reacted angrily to the initiative of the Russian government to raise the retirement age. Maybe I did not read everything, but unfortunately all of these accusations and accusations of those in power in violation of the commandments of God, I did not hear the true moral reason for such a tough pension reform. Are we Orthodox already so democratically in their minds that the source of all sins and vices is ready to see only power and the state, and the people for us turned into an untouchable sacred cow, about which one can only speak well or nothing? And what, then, is the difference between us and the liberals with the Communists? The truth is always hard and unpleasant to say, but the mission of the Church is to be hated for the truth. And the truth is,

Alexy Chaplin
Rector of the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the village of Zhukovo, Alekseevsky district, archpriest

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