Apple on the eve of the elections to the US Congress launched a section with news based on proven facts

Columns with opinions will be removed into a separate tab of the news appendix.

Section Midterm Elections in the Apple News application

Apple announced the launch of a section with news on by-elections to the US Congress in the Apple News news application. This section will only include “fact-based” news from trusted publishers – both from more liberal (for example, Vox), and from more conservative (for example, Fox).

In addition to the news, in the section Midterm Elections there will be columns and opinions from the authors of these same publications on current topics. In the tab, which will be removed under a separate button, the Apple News application will also offer the user publications from publications for which it is not signed.

Apple News chief editor Lauren Kern Lauren Kern said that in this way the service tries to be a “responsible guide” and help readers understand the candidates and the issues they are discussing.

Elections are not just a competition. They must make public discussions and form a national discourse.

Lauren Kern
chief editor of Apple News

Representatives of Apple News noted that the new section of their service will continue to work until November, when the by-elections to Congress will take place. Until then, the application will offer its users not only publications, but also special projects from various publications – for example, infographics from The Washington Post and short briefings from Axios on weekends.

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