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The White House press secretary was kicked out of the restaurant because of work on the “inhuman” administration of Trump

But the reservation of the table in the name of her husband Sara Sanders passed without problems.

Sarah Sanders. Holiday pictures AP

On June 22, the White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders reported that the management of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, asked her to leave the institution because of her work for Donald Trump. Sanders noted that she “politely left.”

Her actions [the hostess of the institution – approx. ] say more about her than about me. I always try to treat people with respect, including those with whom I disagree.

Sarah Sanders
White House press secretary

A table for eight seats in Red Hen was booked in the name of Sanders husband. The restaurant owner Stephanie Wilkinson explained in an interview with The Washington Post that it seemed unlikely that the White House press secretary would decide to have supper at a 26-person establishment in a city where seven thousand people live. However, she came.

In the presidential election in 2016, only 31.3% of Lexington residents voted for Trump, while almost 62% supported Hillary Clinton. Wilkinson confirmed that she drove Sanders out because she defends the “inhuman and unethical” administration and the “harshest” policy of the current US president. The owner of the restaurant noted that among her employees there are gays who are also unhappy with the initiative to ban transgender people from serving in the army. Also in the Red Hen are outraged by the policy regarding illegal migrants, many of whom were separated from their families.

Red Hen Restaurant
After Wilkinson informed Sanders about the arrival, she asked “a few worried” subordinates: “Tell me what to do. I can ask her to leave. ” The staff answered “yes”.

Then the owner of Red Hen went to the table Sanders and asked her to talk in private and explained that “the restaurant has certain standards that need to be defended, like honesty, compassion and cooperation.” According to Wilkinson, Sanders did not arrange a scandal and left the institution. The owners refused to take money from the family members of the press secretary who remained at the table.

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