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The leader of “Rain” accused Tinder of fascism when he saw an advertisement for a selfie application

The journalist suggested that she was offered to increase the incision of her eyes.

Sagieva’s profile in Tinder. A shot from the air of “Rain”

In Twitter, they drew attention to the episode of the transmission of the television channel “Rain”, in which the leader Kogershyn Sagieva accused the developers of the dating application Tinder in fascism. The journalist tried to get acquainted with foreigners and felt that the deytengovy service offered her to increase the incision of the eyes.

Tinder, instead of showing the questionnaire to the foreigners who came to the mundial, offered me to enlarge my eyes first.

And here is my appeal: the West and the creation of the Silicon Valley, where is your lauded tolerance and why do you yourself incite hatred, aggression and national strife? Why do you, Tinder, behave worse than the cattle from the city outskirts, declaring that my face and my incision are unattractive to the opposite sex? Yes, and crept into the heart of the international holiday. […]

But the offer from the dating service to change the cut of the eyes is too much. Tinder, you’re fascism!

Kogershyn Sahiyev
the journalist of “Rain”

Sagieva openly appealed to Tinder in the release of the “Burden of News” program on June 23 (the full version of the fragment is available without a subscription). Judging by the footage from the “Rain” air, Tinder did not suggest the journalist to enlarge the incision of the eyes, “but advertised the BeautyPlusapplication for the sake of the Chinese company Meitu.

Advertising, shown by Sagieva in Tinder. A shot from the air of “Rain”
Such advertising is shown in the interval between the questionnaires of real users. There is no mention of “increasing the incision of the eyes” in the signature, collage is an example of the application’s operation.

Earlier, no accusations of BeautyPlus in fascism, racism or the promotion of any other ideas were reported. Back in 2015, BuzzFeed published a video about the reaction of American women to the processed selfie, but the editor has not received much popularity since then. The company-creator of BeautyPlus is also known for the function of a photo editor, which “turns” users into anime characters.

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