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Report from Instagram: Graduation-2018

A holiday in Gorky Park, “Scarlet Sails” in St. Petersburg and not only – adolescents say goodbye to the school

According to the Ministry of Education, in 2018 about 645,000 people graduated from Russian schools. In general, graduation parties, like a year earlier, began on June 23 and lasted until late at night. Celebrations across Russia were held without delinquency, TASS told the Interior Ministry.

The most large-scale celebration was traditionally held in Moscow’s Gorky Park, at the entrance arch of which was placed a red carpet. Rosgvardia, policemen and employees of private security companies monitored the safety of graduates. For ordinary visitors, the entrance to the park was closed until the morning of June 24.

On the Palace Square in St. Petersburg for the 50th time was the traditional holiday “Scarlet Sails”. The celebration started with a concert featuring Basta, Caste, Quest Pistols Show, Victoria Dayneko and Alsu, and continued with a multimedia show, the advent of the Swedish sailing ship Tre Kronor with scarlet sails and fireworks. The number of spectators of the “Scarlet Sails” broke the record, and to watch the fireworks, people climbed onto the roofs, cars and lanterns. It got to the point where the crowd broke the roof of the trailer truck.

For the time being, the final authorities restricted the sale of alcohol – not only for minors, but for all buyers. In the stores, shortly before the holiday, warning signs appeared with the proposal “to purchase in advance.” Although, as it turned out, the law was not observed by all.

Graduates shared the moments of celebration in social networks.


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