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Princess behind the wheel, Selfie with rights and roses from the police: women in Saudi Arabia were allowed to drive cars

Girls in the country call this day historical.

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On June 24, according to the King’s decree in Saudi Arabia, the ban on driving for women was completely lifted . The country remained the last in the world, where girls were threatened with penalties and fines for being behind the wheel.

Restriction has been in effect since the 1950s. Women-violators and activists who advocated the abolition of the ban, arrested or dismissed from workplaces. In 2017, after signing the decree, local authorities noted that the ban caused damage to the state’s reputation in the world.

Nevertheless, the vast majority of women in Saudi Arabia do not yet have a driver’s license. Girls who still got behind the wheel, a few months before that passed the proposed driving courses by the authorities.

Some residents of Saudi Arabia got behind the wheel right after midnight. Many on their first trip on the morning of June 24 brought the children to school. In social networks, a lot of photos and videos on the lifting of the ban appeared.

Self-management with rights and other historical personnel

Roses from police officers
The police of the kingdom prepared for the historic event. The patrols were distributed to women drivers of roses with a congratulation from the authorities.

Princess behind the wheel
One of the first motorists in the history of the kingdom was the Saudi princess Rome al-Walid ben Talal. Her father, a billionaire prince, wrote on Twitter that her daughter carries him and her grandchildren through the streets of Riyadh.

The first female taxi drivers

“Fadia Basmer, 23, is one of the first female taxi drivers to appear at midnight after the lifting of the ban in Saudi Arabia. When we got out of the car after the trip, the little girl looked at the driver’s seat and smiled – she could not believe her eyes: “It inspires the girls to do what men do” “

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