Non-fuel generators and hovering aircraft. The absurd conspiracy theories, in which many believe

The Internet is an extremely fertile soil for like-minded people who seek the same illiteracy comrades in order to establish themselves in the belief in conspiracy theories. People like conspiracy theories. Becoming their adepts, they automatically receive some sacred knowledge, inaccessible to the inhabitants. Thus, they seem to rise a step above the crowd and can look at all from above.

Today we drew attention to three conspiracy theories that any ridiculously educated person would seem ridiculous, but nevertheless they found their fertile soil on the Internet. The planes that fly in the sky as a sign of life simulation, the hologram of the Moon as a conspiracy of the space industry and fuel-free engines as a fraudulent tool for earning.

The planes get stuck in the sky

In the art of piloting radio-controlled models of aircraft there is such a trick as a hovering. This is when planes (most often with a propelling propeller, but sometimes also reactive ones) hang in a vertical position low above the ground. This seems simple from the outside only. In fact, the pilot has to constantly keep the altitude, adjust the slightest air fluctuations and resist the reactive torque of the propellers. This is the only option when planes hang in the air like helicopters.

But there are special points of view on the Internet, according to which even large passenger liners can hang. And behind these hangs lies the whole theory of a global conspiracy. It is developed by the academician of the self-proclaimed “Academy of Fundamental Sciences” and the real member of the same dubious organization “Russian Academy of Natural Sciences” Andrei Tyunyaev.

Indeed, on YouTube you can find quite a lot of commercials from the townsfolk, who, passing along the highway near the airport, often take off, as if the planes seem to hang at one point without moving at all. As if the pilots decided to smoke before landing. Naturally, all these videos are taken from the moving car. And the faster he travels, the more obvious is the effect of the aircraft stuck in the jelly.

How do the adepts of conspiracy explain this? Tyunyaev is sure that those who are firmly connected with the material world, his reasoning will not make much clear. According to his statement, our world is nothing more than a fiction, a program performed on a megacomputer. And since any computer eventually rests on the ceiling of its technical capabilities, then our megacomputer does not always manage to trace the reality in the smallest detail. He sacrifices separate processes to reduce the load.

From this inference, an excellent explanation for the non-rotating propellers of the aircraft, as well as for the disappearing wings and for the hanging airships in the sky, grows.

Tyunyaev and his followers are sure that we live in computer simulation, and what happens to airplanes is a consequence of their low priority in the megacomputer’s task list.

What happens to people who are in frozen simulations? Time for them stops: they do not live, and their watches do not tick. It’s a pity, by the way, because thanks to such hangings one could get rid of airports: he threw the rope ladder out of the porthole and got off at his stop. Extremely convenient thing.

Such “strong” proof of the shaky digital nature of our world “academicians” is not particularly questioned. Intoxicated by the capabilities of modern computers, they understand this as a matter of course.

As for such strange behavior of the aircraft … All of them were filmed from vehicles passing in the opposite direction. The liners come in at a speed of plus or minus 250 km / h. And this vertical-horizontal displacement for the observer may seem insignificant relative to other objects that seem static. A banal illusion of sight, behind which some see the conspiracy theory.

There is no moon

We know a lot of conspiracy theorists and ordinary inhabitants who are sure that the landing of Americans on the moon was not. Even despite the confirmation of this event, the main enemy of the United States during the Cold War. But the “deniers” of man’s landing on the Moon will always exist, apparently.

True, some of them go even further and argue that the human foot there not only has not been, but could not be. Because the Moon does not exist: it’s just a hologram in the sky, which is projected steadily for earthlings. What for? To hide what we, earthlings, it is better not to see. Who! Yes, hell knows, maybe a Masonic lodge, or maybe a more developed civilization, for which we are just puppets.

In addition, such a theory is quite capable of explaining to people completely unfamiliar with the modern state of the space industry, why the Moon is constantly turned towards us by the same side.

What is put forward as a documentary proof of the artificial nature of the moon? Imperfection of methods of its shooting by amateurs from the Earth. More often than not, as evidence, conspiracy experts show a video taken by a German amateur astronomer, allegedly passing a strange wave through the Earth’s satellite, deforming the Moon at the outline. This, according to enthusiasts, says that the Moon is projected with interference. So, as if her image is being updated. The arguments that these waves can be the result of imperfect technique of shooting, refraction of air flows in the Earth’s atmosphere, are discarded.

And the holographic nature of the Moon, according to the adherents of the conspiracy theory, perfectly explains why “no one is flying to the moon”: something very different is hiding under the mask of what we see from the Earth. Maybe even an analogue of the “Death Star”.

And to deceive even more people, this theory is supported by statements that astronomers do not make good pictures of the Moon, comparable in quality to the images of the surface of Mars.

Non-fuel generators

But if previous theories appear in the minds of people from the abundance of free time, lack of basic knowledge and a critical number of missed lessons in school, the next conspiracy theory is rather a tool for practical earning in the air. We are talking about fuel-free generators. These devices do not need fuel to generate electrical energy: just give them a boost – and they start to generate electricity, directing it to keep the generator running. Revolution? Approximately and these devices are submitted on numerous Ukrainian and Russian resources. Belarus, these bright heads of engineers for some reason are still being bypassed.

The oil lobby, according to such inventors, has long fooled the world’s population and hides from it the possibility of obtaining free (and even more so free) energy from the air. Sometimes using the natural magnetic field of the Earth, and sometimes by the principle of a well veiled perpetual motion machine.

“Let the capitalists in the person of Morgan and Rothschild be cursed, which hamper the development of our civilization!” – says one of the sites dedicated to the “talented scientist and inventor” Tariel Kapanadze, who showed humanity a method of obtaining inexhaustible energy. True, he did not disclose his secrets, so he remained the sole king of the mountain. But dozens of followers noticed interest in the fuel-free source of energy and decided that it would be ugly not to meet the demand for finished products in retail.

Energy from space, from the Earth’s magnetic field, from ether and resonance. The source of free energy for such cunning generators generators is more than enough.

That’s why many videos appear on YouTube with a demonstration of miracle generators and links to their order at quite moderate prices. Still, the fraternity of free energy can not take very much monstrous sums from its future comrades. And sells these generators in most cases for $ 300-500.

To unravel the secret of fuelless generators, sometimes it is enough to look at the units more closely

Well, as they sell … “They paid 15 thousand rubles for order 205-16 from 29.01.16. As a result, no money, no generator. Phones do not answer, “- often such reviews from clients of giddy engineers can be found on the net. But even these clients do not despond. They are sure that they just ran into “bred”, decided to stick to the popular theme, whereas somewhere in the abundance of shell sites there are the very ones that are real who made a real aggregate.

Unfortunately, the gaps in knowledge of the school curriculum in most people entice them to believe that engines and generators are not just converters of one type of energy to another (and even losses), but also the producers of this energy.

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