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“I do not care if the pension age changed”: Slepakov and Leningrad sang about the victories of the Russian national team at the 2018 World Cup

It turned out the exact opposite of Slepakov’s first song about the World Championship.

The comedian and the creator of the Comedy Club show, Semyon Slepakov, recorded the second song for the World Cup, this time together with the Leningrad group Sergei Shnurov. The song “Champions” is dedicated to a radical change in the attitude of the fans to the Russian national team after the first two victories.

I do not care if the pension age changed.

The mood was raised by our champions.


Everything will be different now, everything will be the other way around.

Let the people you are richer, the people will love you.

We will kiss the boots, only know, the champions.

It is worth it to lose to you, you will immediately become ****** [condoms].

song fragment

The first song of Slepakov about World Cup-2018 appeared on June 11. In the composition, the comedian noted that “the team plays helluva”, mentioned the coach (“the sad Cherchesov candy does not dazzle from these dunces”) and offered to hire him the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov. The Minister of the Chechen Republic on National Policy asked Slepakov to apologize for “base” humor.

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