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“Happy nightmares”: Chinese photo editor Meitu turns users into anime characters

Many people wanted to see themselves with huge eyes and a blush on their cheeks.

In early January 2017, the Chinese popular photo editor Meitu (which has versions for both iOS and Android ) received a new feature that allows one-click to turn people into pictures in the characters of anime cartoons. The update helped the application to go beyond the local market and carried away Western users. By January 19, it had reached Russia.

Photo of Donald Trump, processed with Meitu
Photo of Donald Trump, processed with Meitu

Application Meitu – the development of the company of the same name, formed in 2008. They promote several different photo and video editors in the Chinese market, however, it is Meitu that is called the “appendix # 1” in the country. According to the International Business Times, users upload more than six billion images every month .

In the West, we used to pay attention to the applications of Meitu. Buzzfeed in 2015 published a video about how Americans react to their photos, processed in Beauty Plus – another development of the Chinese company. However, then the Asian photo editors did not get much popularity.However, in January 2017, the developers added the “Hand-drawn selfies” function, which processes images in a hand-drawn and “kavayna” manner. The application narrows the face and increases the eyes in the photo, making the user more like an animated cartoon character. The application allows you to customize the “level of beauty” and effects, and adds a new background.

The user can choose from several basic styles: Angelic, Floral, Fairy, New Year, Mermaid and Baroness. The modified photo can be immediately shared in Instagram or Facebook.

Due to the new processing function, the application has become very popular in the West. Users actively post their photos in a new style in the social network.

“Shit, Meitu carries away (and makes me sweet-darling”

“Oh my God, the Meitu app is insanely fun. I can finally be a real anime character! ”

“I do not think that I like Meitu”

“Now I’m officially an anime character. LOVE ME!”
On January 19, a popular application reached the Russian-speaking segment of Twitter.

Users published not only their photos: with the help of Meitu they began to process pictures of animals, actors and politicians. The most “got” to the elected US President Donald Trump.

“I dabbled with the application of Meitu and thought:” what if I process the already processed photo with another filter? ” Once again?”. Answer: I melted »

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