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An unusual pointer

In the district of Ob’GePS, the city of Novosibirsk, an unusual sign-sign was installed.

Art-object is located at the house number 8 on the street. Novomorskaya.

The lower arrows indicate the distance to the extreme points of Russia (not every adult, by the way, knows about them), and on the upper (large) – winged phrases and expressions with the addition of local folklore

Burmistrov Anton
one of the initiators of the project

As the organizers say , the project is timed to the anniversary of the city (125 years), the district (60 years) and the neighboring dwelling house (60 years). Assistance in the implementation of the project was provided by entrepreneursand local residents (during the installation). 
Also, the authors of the project remind that their native microdistrict is no worse than the resorts of the country. They live on the Ob’GESE and see how tourists from different cities come there, especially in summer – at the sea (Novosibirsk Reservoir) and in the forest (Chemskoy Bor).

“Probably, this is also a kind of resort microdistrict of the city. We found a good place – the gateway, the pass – and agreed the idea with the residents. Banal index, just a distance, they did not put it, they decided to add their own – so that there was something to read. Not every adult knows the distance to the extreme geographical points, their name and where in general our Motherland ends. And here it will be understandable, informative. And just nice to walk next to such an object “


This is a gift to the city for the anniversary of the local residents. Not a penny of budget money is spent.

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