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American comedian crossed the Hudson in a suit and on the board to not be late for a working meeting

But in vain – the meeting failed.

Comedian on the board. Photo of one of the eyewitnesses
Passengers ferry from New Jersey to New York noticed a man who in bad weather sailed on a SUP-board across the Hudson River. He was not dressed in a tracksuit for training, but in a strict suit and shoes. He also had a briefcase thrown over his shoulder.

Roller with the “swimmer” was taken by one of the passengers of the ferry Eunice Rivers. In less than a week, the video acquired viral popularity in Facebook. Rivers claims that he managed to find this man – his name is Scott Holt, he is 32 years old, and he hurried to a working meeting. Judging by the profile in facebook, “swimmer” is engaged in stand-comedy.

Holt explained to local journalists that he was late for the meeting so much that “he did not want to waste time on the ferry.” He took his SUP-board with a paddle and, despite the unsuitable clothes, went to the lake. “I thought that the whole journey would take me much longer, but I spent only half an hour,” Holt said. According to the American, he did not even worry that the board could turn over. As a result, he almost did not wet his clothes.

This way gave my shiny shoes, and besides it turned out to be a free com. [Moving from home to work and back – approx. ] .

Scott Holt

Holt said that for a long time he could not find a place to “moor” from New York and went to the closed dock. When he got to the beach, he was greeted by policemen, who eventually released him.

He added that he still managed to meet with the manager on which he intended to present himself as a comedian: “But the meeting was not so good as the way to it. I’m still looking for a manager. ” Back in New Jersey, he did not sail on the board and took a ticket for the ferry.

The distance from the center of Jersey City to Manhattan. Google Maps Screenshot
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