Yandex showed long-distance trip on an unmanned car

We are not the first time we hear about the achievements of Yandex in the field of unmanned machine building. Now you can see how this works in action.

For 11 hours the unmanned vehicle Yandex.Taxi passed 798 km from Moscow to Kazan. 99% of the way the transport was traveling independently.

This is the first test of the prototype of an unmanned vehicle “Yandex.Taxi” on the highway, which took place in conditions of real traffic in the daytime, evening and night. On the part of the route there was heavy rain.

Throughout the route the car made several stops for refueling, and behind the wheel was a test driver. He watched the road and the behavior of the car.

While Yandex is not in a hurry to introduce unmanned vehicles on public roads. But the company noted that the car is almost ready for implementation.

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