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What kind of sneakers are soccer players of the World Cup 2018

A week ago, we figured out what smartphones players prefer – key players of teams. The undisputed favorite was the iPhone.

This time we decided to find out which shoes appeals to people who do not imagine life without movement. It turned out that in the world of sports and sneakers, their fashion legislators, their own Apple.

1. Lionel Messi

At the Atomic Flea Lionel Messi, almost all sportswear comes from the machines of the German company Adidas. In the sneakers of this brand, he prefers to go out on the field and on the street in everyday life.

In the first half of the 2000s Messi gave preference to Nike boots, and already from 2006 on Leo you will not find shoes without the characteristic three stripes.

Favorite model – Adidas F50 and F50 Adizero. The official price for the launch model is about 120 euros or 9,000 rubles. Since 2015, a special model of football boots Adidas Messi has appeared in the assortment of the German manufacturer of sportswear and footwear.

Buy Adidas F50 Adizero shoes: $ 99 – $ 180

Buy Adidas Forum Low Shoes: 3990 rub.

2. Cristiano Ronaldo

Early in his career, like Messi, Ronaldo cut in the legendary boots of Mercurial, having tried almost all the novelties of the brand.

Since 2002, the striker of Portugal has remained faithful to the American company. On the lawns of Russian stadiums, Ronaldo came in Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7 sneakers. The cost of the model on average is about 200 dollars or 12 700 rubles.

In everyday life, Ronaldo also prefers Nike.

Buy the Nike Mercurial Superfly V CR7: $ 149 – $ 329

Buy sneakers Nike Air Mac 270: 11 290 rub.

3. Paul Pogba

Favorite shoes midfielder of the French national team Paul Pogba at the beginning of the career were Adidas Predator. In 2010, he changed them to Nike T90, but then again returned to the German classics.

By Paul, you can say for sure – the guy likes to experiment. Not only did he try all sorts of sneaker factors, he also constantly changed priorities, choosing Nike, then Adidas. As a result, the model Adidas Predator 18+ won at a price of $ 210 or about 13,350 rubles.

In everyday life, the same Adidas. Pogba has his own collection of sneakers.

Buy Adidas Predator 18+ shoes: $ 199 – $ 229

Buy Adidas Predator Tango 18,3: from 2990 rubles.

4. Neimar

Brazilian forward Neymar has been preference for Nike sneakers for 19 years. At the same time, the favorite model of the player is Nike Mercurial in different versions.

The same brand Neimar chooses and as a warm-up or cross-country.

Buy Nike Mercurial shoes: $ 69 – $ 100

Buy Nike Air Zoom Vapor X HC: 10 490 rub.

5. Mesut Ozil

Midfielder of the German national team is expected to prefer the domestic brand Adidas. However, in the period from 2008 to 2012 Mesut still switched to the shoes of the American company Nike, the Mercurial model, but then changed his mind and again became an admirer of the Adidas brand.

Like Messi, Mesut loves the F50 series, but increasingly returns to the Predator model.

In life everything is invariable – Adidas. You can take any – and they will definitely be in the collection of Osil. The photo above shows the home wardrobe of a football player.

Buy Adidas Predator shoes: $ 59 – $ 229

6. Luis Suarez

Like the colleague in the Messi workshop, Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez was once a fan of Adidas F50. It is curious that it was Suarez who was one of the few players who remained loyal to the German brand throughout his career.

At the 2018 World Cup Suarez came to the stylish Adidas X 18. The average cost of these boots is 220 dollars or 14 000 rubles.

In the family circle Suarez also prefers Adidas sneakers. True, Suarez does not deny himself and expensive shoes. In the collection of the player there are sneakers Ricky Sarkany, custom model Enzo. The cost of an ordinary pair is $ 6,790 or 432 thousand rubles.

Buy Adidas X 18 shoes: $ 229

Buy Sarkany Enzo: $ 6,790

7. Robert Lewandowski

Poland’s forward Robert Lewandowski, when choosing shoes, is guided by the same principles as his colleagues. Boots and sneakers should be either Adidas or Nike.

For a long time Lewandowski preferred the Adidas Adipure model. Since 2010, the player went under the wing of the American brand Nike. The current model is the Lewandows boots – Nike Hypervenom Phantom III at a price of $ 200 or 12,700 rubles.

In a life away from the cameras and football stands at Robert’s foot, the walking Nike. Moreover, a custom model created directly on the company’s website.

Buy Nike Hypervenom Phantom III shoes: $ 200

Buy Nike Air Max 95: 11 990 rub.

8. Mohamed Salah

The forward of the Egyptian national team Mohamed Salah has been running only for eight years now in boots from Adidas Germans. At the 2018 World Cup Salah grabbed the golden Adidas X17 + PureSpeed. In the Adidas brand store this model costs $ 196 or 12 500 rubles.

Training sneakers are also of German origin – Adidas Speed ​​Trainer 4 for $ 80 (5 000 rubles).

Buy Adidas X17 + PureSpeed ​​shoes: from $ 185

Buy Adidas Speed ​​Trainer 4: $ 50 – $ 100

9. Hames Rodriguez

The 27-year-old midfielder of the Colombian national team Hamas Rodriguez in Nike shoes last time left in the distant 2007. Since then only Adidas.

It is this brand that Rodriguez chooses for both the profession and the soul. Like Mohamed Salah at the World Cup 2018 came in gold boots Adidas X17 +. In training in the hall, Rodriguez prefers custom Ultraboost Shoes.

Buy Adidas X17 + PureSpeed ​​shoes: from $ 185

Buy Adidas Ultraboost Shoes: from 9990 rub.

Yes, the world of sports is harsh. Here either Adidas, or Nike. These two giants simply do not allow any other brand. Any public photo with a signed player, should not contain accessories from another brand.

However, we are almost certain that in the distance cameras and lenses of the world football star wear comfort Crocs, and with the descent of steam after endless training and thousands of hours spent in sneakers and boots.

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