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Top-manager Netflix was fired because of the racist word about blacks. He said it twice in seven years

The former head of communications assured that he was simply discussing with the employees the words used in the comedy.

Jonathan Friedland. A photo

Netfix sacked Jonathan Friedland, head of communications, after seven years of working because of the use of the politically incorrect word “nigga” in the workplace. Top-manager publicly said it at least twice, reported The Hollywood Reporter, referring to the company’s employees.

According to the interlocutors of THR, for the first time Friedland used the word “N” (N-word) at a meeting with his subordinates. Some Netflix employees found it necessary to report this incident to management. Then Friedland again pronounced the “nigga” at a meeting with the human resources department.

The director and founder of Netflix, Reed Hastings, said that he decided to resign Friedland exactly after the second case. He recognized the merits of the top manager, but noted that this “ugly” word shows a low racial sensitivity, does not match the values ​​of the company and should not be used by non-blacks.

The context of Friedland’s statements is not known. He wrote on Twitter that in the first case he just discussed with the team words that “add insults to the comedy.” At the same time he admitted that he admitted politically incorrect remarks and apologized for the “reservation”.

Fridland came to Netflix in 2011. Prior to that, he worked in Disney as senior vice president of communications. Friedland is also known as a journalist: he wrote for The Wall Street Journal and Far Eastern Economic Review. His further place of work is still unknown.

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