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Time made a cover with Trump and a girl from Honduras, separated from her mother. But they were always together

The White House criticized the publication for using children “for their own purposes.”

Original photo with a two-year-old girl from Honduras, whose mother was detained on the US border with Mexico. Photo by John Moore, Getty Images

June 21, American magazine Time published the cover of the new issue, where he placed a collage with a weeping child and “indifferently” looking at him by President of the United States Donald Trump. So the publication reacted to the scandal surrounding the harsh policy of the White House: over the past few weeks, border guards have shared more than two thousand children with their parents, illegal migrants. On the day of the cover, Trump, under public pressure, agreed not to separate the families and keep them with children in special centers.

Time Cover

The original photo of John Moore was hit by a two-year-old girl from Honduras. The child was removed by the crying woman because her mother was detained by border guards. Moore’s photograph became viral and fell into many other American and European publications.

A picture of a weeping girl was seen on the TV by her father Denis Valera, who is in Honduras. The man confirmed the Daily Mail and The Washington Post that his wife Sandra Sanchez went to the US “in search of a better life for her child and away from the dangers of her native country.” However, according to Valera, Sanchez did not mention that she would take the girl with her. After her departure, her husband never contacted his wife: he stated that he did not have such an opportunity.

Family from Honduras. Photos from their Facebook page
White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders criticized Time for publishing the publication “with a little girl” “pursued its goals.”

After an article on The Washington Post, Time journalists corrected the article and added an explanation that “the original photo and story distorted the truth about what happened to the girl and her mother.” The author of the photo also explained that he was trying to create an “honest and simple image” of a girl who was separated from her parents.

The police confirmed to reporters that the woman was not separated from her daughter and placed in a migration center in Texas.

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