These 10 Apple devices are obsolete. Do not buy them in 2018

At every presentation of new devices, Apple likes to talk about innovation, perfect hardware and incredible performance.

Meanwhile, in the assortment of the official online store of Apple, there are still devices that are definitely obsolete. Despite this, the company continues to sell them, not ashamed to wind up unjustified price tags.

We identified several such products at once, which it is high time to leave the stores of the company.

1. iPod touch

Last updated: July 2015

Price: from 

The history of the player with a touch screen goes back to 2007. Then Apple positioned this gadget as “almost iPhone”, but without a phone module.

iPod Touch was updated six times. The last sixth generation of Apple introduced in July 2015. Since then, the player has frozen on the A8 processor, like the iPhone 6, the 8-megapixel camera, the home button without the Touch ID and the price tag of 16,690 rubles for the 32 GB version of the memory.

In the era of popularization of Apple Music and Apple’s desire to maximally add users to their own streaming service, the need for iPod touch is very controversial. In addition, the player is not distinguished by some outstanding sound.

Connoisseurs and music lovers will rather choose Astel & Kern or Cowon than give preference to iPod touch.

2. EarPods with 3.5 mm plug

Release date: September 2012

The price: 

Starting with the iPhone 3GS, Apple up until 2012 fed fans with a very mediocre Apple Earphones. During the presentation of iPhone 5, the company still decided to upgrade and introduced EarPods.

Of the innovations in the headset is worth noting is that the unusual shape of the cups. Due to the artificial volume, Apple managed to achieve a good sound.

It’s only since 2016 that the company has stopped releasing iPhones with a jack-port. If you so vehemently abandoned the 3.5-mm standard, please, take this archaic product off the shelves of stores.

Care about users who have iPhones with a jack-port? Do not make me laugh! For 2 390 rubles you can find more interesting options for headsets.

3. iPad mini 4

Release date: September 2015

Price: from 

“The best tablet for doctors” – so Apple positioned the iPad mini, first shown in November 2012.

“Baby” really fell to the taste of users, and since then the company has updated the iPad mini annually (from 2012 to 2015 inclusive).

And then from the tablet, which is difficult to make money, Apple decided to refuse. Processor A8 as in iPod touch in 2018 looks frankly sorry. Already almost three years the company ignores it, but continues to sell the leftovers.

4. Mac mini

Updated: October 2014


This is a real pain for fans of the company’s nettops. The legendary compact desktop, which survived as many as 12 updates, remained abandoned by Apple in 2014.

Even in top-end configuration Mac mini is equipped with a very mediocre 3-gigahertz i7 and 16 GB memory with a frequency of 1 600 MHz. For 2018, this is a controversial decision.

The network constantly flashes rumors about Apple’s plans to release an updated generation of nettop. For four years, the company probably had time to come up with something and rethink “a computer that is not indifferent to it.” But all this is only at the level of conjectures and assumptions.

In the meantime, Apple continues to sell the obsolete product, which is already about to hit four years. Weak iron for not quite humane value.

5. Mac pro

Release date: June 2013

Price: from 

The legendary “black bucket” of Apple, Mac pro, this year celebrated its fifth anniversary. The company presented it in 2013 at the summer presentation for developers.

Since then, the computer has remained without updates.

If you judge strictly, then Mac pro obsolete on all fronts:

  • Thunderbolt 2, although Apple has long been promoting a high-speed third-generation port
  • processor Intel Xeon E5, with difficulty scooping 30,000 points in Geekbench, even in the top set (the leaders of the rating have long exceeded the mark of 100,000 points)
  • RAM DDR 3 with a frequency of 1866 MHz in 2018 … Excuse me, gamers
  • far from the top graphics from AMD FirePro
  • HDMI 1.4, Bluetooth 4.0 – the old, the guys, the old

A revolutionary heat exchange circuit, a huge number of peripheral ports and a flashy design – all this is fine, but not for that kind of money.

6. MacBook Air

Renewal date: June 2017

Price: from 

In 2008, Steve Jobs showed a mail envelope, into which the slimmest notebook of his time easily fit. After only seven years, Apple seems to have put all plans for the evolution of the ultra-thin gadget into the same envelope and since 2015 the laptop has not been updated.

Three years ago, engineers brought the graphics of Intel HD 6 000, raised the bar of RAM to 8 GB and left the design “as it was.”

But you can forgive MacBook Air for any shortcomings in terms of performance and design – it’s not a workstation or a device for complex rendering and post-processing. You can not forgive just one – the display.

How in 2018 in the assortment of the company, whose devices have long had a decent resolution, and from every corner of the official website the buyer is literally screaming slogans with the mention of Retina-screens, can there be a model of a laptop with a display of 1440 x 900 pixels?

Forgive, Apple, but with this you need to decide something. Or to bury a ruler as such, or to release a radically new device.

7. iPhone 6s

Release date: September 2015

Price: from 

Apple has an iPhone 7, an iPhone 8 and an iPhone X. Plus models do not take into account. Question: Why is the site still selling iPhone 6s, a smartphone that was released three years ago?

Friends, you either sell the leftovers or want to be known as marketing geniuses. Speaking purely logically, the iPhone 6s is the twin brother of the four-year-old iPhone 6, but with a mole in the form of a 3D Touch function. In the rest it’s a smartphone, it’s time to write off the official site.

But the tens of thousands of devices produced must be disposed of somewhere. Here Apple continues to implement a smartphone, which has long been bought by all who wanted.

8. Apple Power Adapter 5 W

Release date: June 2007


This is the most favorite accessory of our editor-in-chief, Nikita Goryainov. Why? Because Apple manages to this day successfully sell a slow 5-watt charger with 1 ampere at the output.

This is in the era when there were Plus-models with a large battery, and competitors glance at 3-ampere chargers and even put them in the kit.

But Apple is in no hurry. Therefore, this product will be in the assortment of the company for another 10 years.

9. AirPort Extreme

Release date: June 10, 2013

The question is not to the product itself. AirPort Extreme is a really great networking solution. But Apple has two questions.

First, why the gadget was frankly scored and refused to update.

The second, why it is so problematic to buy. The product is on the site, but in the status of “Sold out”. Maybe it’s time to turn the shop completely?

With AirPort Express and AirPort Time Capsule exactly the same story. The products seem to be there, but they can not be bought. In addition, the production was officially canceled at the end of April .

10. Remote Control Apple Remote

Release date: October 2009


“By connecting the iPod to the stereo, speaker and TV, you can control the music playback <…> from anywhere in the room. Guys, and where, in fact, those most vaunted docking stations?

And in general, in an era when all have already switched to mobile applications, is such an archaic product with a 9-year history needed? Hardly. In addition, there is an updated remote for Apple TV and Apple TV 4K.

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