The first day with the Mac after Windows: which programs to install?

You bought a new MacBook, or just going to abandon Windows and join the ranks of happy owners of the “apple” laptop: in any case, the main thing on the agenda – how to work on this new aluminum monster?

It’s not the usual Windows since childhood, with familiar and native programs, many people think. How can I write documents, open archives, what programs to download and where?

First of all, remember: Mac OS is much friendlier and more convenient than Windows , and most of the usual Windows programs can be easily installed on your new Mac.

Below I will talk about the basic applications that will help you comfortably start using Apple technology, without the nerves and money spent.

Do not panic. Most of the usual programs exist for MacOS.

First, let’s make a list of programs that are commonly used on a Windows PC:

  • browser
  • Office suite (Word, Exel, Powerpoint)
  • video player
  • useful utilities

The starter package of applications, which is needed for full-fledged work, is not so great. The main thing is to find the usual applications that you are accustomed to using every day, being a “PC Boyar”.

Programs on your Mac can be downloaded from the official Mac App Store or downloaded dmg-images from the Internet. By default, the ability to install programs downloaded from sites is disabled .


To enable this feature, go to Settings – Security and Security and check the box next to “Allow the use of programs downloaded from the App Store and from the installed developers”.

Done? Now it’s time to go online, some programs can only be downloaded from developer sites 🙂

Applications for the Internet. Download for free

By default, for surfing in macOS, you are encouraged to use Safari. But many people do not like this browser, considering that on Windows-PC it is completely unpopular.

It’s good that there is a choice; most likely, you will find exactly the browser you are used to:

Google Chrome [ download for free ] Mozilla FireFox [ download for free ] Opera Browser [ download for free ]

Personally, in our editorial office, most authors use Google Chrome, which has a lot of convenient extensions and deep integration with Facebook and Gmail. And also this browser perfectly loses all video clips on different sites, unlike the standard Safari.


If you know what “torrents” are, then you need a client to download files through this network. There is an opinion that the best torrent client for the Mac is Transmission. But personally I’m much nicer old-good uTorrent, which exists in the version for Mac.

Transmission [ download free ] uTorrent Client [ download for free ]

Most likely, you already have a cloud storage – Yandex.Disk or Google Drive. Customers of these most popular services can also be downloaded to the new Mac so that all files are always at hand:

Yandex.Disk [ free download ] Google Drive [ free download ]

Finally, here are the main messengers that are surely installed on your smartphone. To be always connected, Skype, WhatsApp and Telegram can be installed on a Mac:

Skype [ download free ] Viber [ download for free ] Telegram [ download for free ] WhatsApp Web [ download for free ]

The main applications for the Internet are downloaded, go to work. You did not buy a Mac for chat rooms, did you?

Applications for office work. Office paid, but there are alternatives

When you purchase a new Mac or MacBook, you automatically receive programs for editing and creating documents, presentations and tables: Pages, Numbers and Keynote. They are already pre-installed on your new device, and for functionality and ease of use, these tools are more convenient than Microsoft’s office suite.

But if you are accustomed to using Word, Exel and Powerpoint, you will have to download the installation package from , pre-purchasing a license for a year.

The license costs 3,399 rubles, and for this money you get:

  • Word
  • Exel
  • Powerpoint
  • Outlook
  • OneNote

With these programs you can use exactly 365 days from the date of purchase, and then you will have to renew the license, though for less money.


If you already have an Office license, you can just go under your Microsoft login-password here and download the required distribution for free, under an active license.

Are you not satisfied with the offer from Apple and Microsoft? There is a third alternative: a free package of office applications Open Office, which has the same functionality as Microsoft Office, but slightly different appearance of the interface.

Open Office [ download for free ]

Graphic editors Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and others today are indecently a lot of money to buy them just for themselves. Another thing, if these tools help you earn money – then it makes sense to purchase official distributions on the site .

To edit photos for personal purposes ( tweak the brightness, apply a filter and so on in detail ), you can safely use the regular application “Photo”, in which all these tools are present.

Utilities to help

And finally, the most interesting is the minimal set of utilities that you had on a Windows computer or laptop:

TeamViewer [ download free ] Ccleaner [ download free ] PuntoSwitcher [ download for free ]

I’m sure you know all the above programs and utilities, because many were installed on your Windows PC. Why give up the usual tools?

This is the minimum set that I roll myself on each new Mac. Next – all individually, you will learn new and maybe even start using Safari 🙂

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