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Report from social networks: Hurricane in Barnaul, where a person died, and thousands of people were left without light

More than 150 people got into the storm on the ship, some of them suffered.


In the evening of June 23, a strong hurricane hit Barnaul . On the disaster, rescuers warned local residents the day before, noting that in the Altai Territory rain, thunderstorms, in places hail and squally wind increase to 24 meters per second is expected.

Judging by eyewitness accounts, the element proved to be stronger than expected – gusts of wind reached 27 meters per second. Hurricane pulled trees from the ground, turned cars, demolished the roofs of residential buildings, and also dropped billboards and power lines.

Because of the hurricane, two areas of Barnaul were de-energized : 35 thousand people and seven socially significant objects were temporarily left without light. In the city center, a construction crane fell on parked cars, a worker died.

On Ob, a pleasure boat with more than 150 people on board got into a storm. Up to 15 passengers were cut because of a broken glass, but as a result the ship ran aground. On the shore people were met by rescuers and doctors.

Return of the ship, caught in a storm. Photo of the subscriber of the “Incident Barnaul” community
In social networks, residents of Barnaul publish photos and videos with the consequences of a natural disaster.
@ katyahusky
@ barnaul.insta
The consequences of the storm in the park. Photo
The demolished roof of the shopping center “Plaza”. Photo
@ evgenii.konovalov95
The beginning of the storm
The cloud approaching Barnaul
Shopping center “Galaktika”, left without light
The driver can not get to his car
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