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Photo: A girl from Iran and her passport fan of the 2018 World Cup in Russia

It is not known whether she had problems when going to the stadium.

On To Reddit , in Twitter and in the sports media spread Photo Iranian cheerleaders on in Russia at the World Cup match. The author of the original picture, as well as the girl’s personality, has not yet been able to establish it.

To hit the matches of the 2018 World Cup everyone had to issue a fan’s passport or Fan ID. The most remarkable thing in the photo is the difference between the photo of the girl on the document and her image in the stadium.

In Iran, there is a ban on women to attend matches at football stadiums, because the aggressive behavior and the profanity of male fans allegedly can harm viewers.

In April, the story of the fans from Iran, who changed into men to get to football in their country, became famous . Nevertheless, Iranian girls are free to attend World Cup matches in Russia, and in Tehran women were admitted to the main stadium of the city during the broadcast of the match with Spain on the air. Iranian fans bring posters in support of equality for World Cup matches.

Banner “Give the Iranian women to visit their stadiums” at the stadium in St. Petersburg. Holiday pictures AP
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