One megahertz and four kilobytes. Apple I computer sold for $ 210 thousand

A couple of weeks ago, Charitybuzz was auctioned one of the few “live” Apple computers. The initial price for the 40-year-old model was set at $ 70,000. As a result, the cost has risen to $ 210,000 and today a rarity with 4 KB of RAM and a processor with a frequency of 1 MHz went under the hammer.

An unknown lucky person will receive the same computer that Steve Wozniak and his comrades used to collect Steve Jobs’s garage. The original case is not preserved, but there is a workable board, a steep Sanyo monitor, a modified keyboard and a modern power supply. Take it and work!

When Apple I started selling, it was estimated at $ 666.66. By modern standards this is approximately $ 2,900. It turns out that for 40 years the cost of the computer has increased more than 70 times.

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