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Media: staff asked the head of Amazon not to cooperate with the US authorities because of disagreement with Trump’s migration policy

They opposed business with those who violate human rights.

Chapter Amazon Jeff Bezos. Getty Photos

Employees of the company Amazon sent a letter to the head Jeff Bezos with a request to stop selling Rekognition equipment to the US authorities for face recognition. The reason was the migration policy of President Donald Trump, because of which children of illegal migrants were separated from their parents. The letter was published by Gizmodo.

In the letter, the staff expressed concern about the recent report of the American Civil Liberties Union, which describes the supply of Rekognition to the US police and government agencies. In the appeal, the company’s employees called the policy of the American government “immoral” and accused the authorities of “inhuman treatment of refugees and migrants”.

We refuse to create the platforms that the immigration service uses, and we refuse to invest in tools that violate human rights. We demand the right to choose what we create, and an indication of how to use it. […]

Our company should not engage in business related to intelligence and politics. We should not cooperate with those who watch over abandoned people and oppress them.

letter from Amazon employees

In the American Civil Liberties Union, Amazon employees supported, Gizmodo writes. The organization noted that the company should stop supplying the government with “dangerous programs for tracing individuals.” An official comment from Amazon and confirmation of the authenticity of the letter has not yet been received.

On June 21, Donald Trump signed a decree that ordered, as far as possible, not to separate parents and children from the detention of illegal migrants on the US border.

On June 19, Amazon shareholders urged the company to stop selling equipment for the identification of police officers. In addition, the statement of employees was influenced by the actions of Microsoft employees who demanded to stop cooperation with the Immigration and Customs Policy. Earlier, Google did not extend the contract with the Pentagon to develop artificial intelligence for drones. The reason was the indignation of the company’s employees who opposed the use of technology for military purposes.

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