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In “VKontakte” appeared atypical treatment of Putin to graduates. He advised “not to be limited to huskies”

It seems that the movie was removed by the “Night Contact” team.

Vladimir Putin recorded a video for the graduates of 2018, in which he appeared in an atypical image – he is not dressed in a strict suit, but in a shirt and jacket, and the background is music.

The video was published in the community of the weekly show “Night Contact” with the leading Sergey Mezentsev, which is shot at the studio “Amedia” and is released exclusively in “VKontakte” since January 2018. The last issue of the program, entirely dedicated to the graduate (without Mezentsev’s participation), was released on June 23rd.

Shot from Putin’s address to graduates

The first few seconds of the clip with Putin is backstage. In the video, the president assured that yesterday’s schoolchildren are able to “make a real breakthrough” and “surprise the world with new records and discoveries.”

Do not limit yourself to the likes of social networks. Act, acquire new knowledge, go for it! Once again, I congratulate you on the graduation from the school, good luck, happiness, love and great success. Everything will happen.

Vladimir Putin
Full version of Putin’s address to graduates
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