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In Minsk, presented a magic box that will allow the blind to listen to the Internet

At the event of the Belarusian Association of People with Disabilities, a multimedia Webbox player was introduced today, which can provide visually impaired people with an easy way to receive information from the Internet. Regardless of their age, place of residence or level of computer literacy.

The device is not original. It is rather an adaptation of the Dutch development of SolutionsRadio Ltd under the Belarusian realities. This company for ten years purposefully develops Webbox for the needs of people with vision disabilities. The device is sewn access to various kinds of multimedia resources: radio stations, podcasts, sites (including ), literature. A lot of textual information, PDF documents, FB2 files, it can play directly from the USB flash drive with the built-in speech synthesizer. Even if there is no direct connection to the Internet.

Navigation is carried out using the control buttons. There are only five of them. The menu is read by a well-placed female voice. It sounds like content types (news, radio stations, podcasts, etc.), and direct breakdown by categories. There is a remote control panel that facilitates navigation through the menu of the device. With it, you can change the reading speed, pitch and tone of the speech synthesizer.

The media player supports working with the most popular email services. This will open another way for people with disabilities to communicate with others. You can connect external speakers or headphones to the Webbox.

For the first time, the Webbox was demonstrated in 2016, but then it was poorly adapted for the Russian-speaking user. In particular, this concerns the translation of the interface. At the same time it was assumed that the device would cost at least 580 euros. This is taking into account its transportation to Belarus, with payment of customs duties. Close cooperation with Dutch developers allowed to reduce the cost to 250 euros.

The program is being implemented with the support of the Swedish forum SYD and the Swedish International Development Agency.

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