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How to put the outlet in the car. Select an inverter


Summer is a season of holidays, pokatushek at sea and in the woods, a time of incredible stories and insane adventures. Already looking forward to when the boss will let you go on vacation to jump into your favorite pelvis and go explore the places where the human foot has not trodden?

Do not forget to get an outlet in the car to charge all your gadgets at least on the beach! It’s strange, but many do not know that it’s very easy to add to the car , and today we’ll talk about it.

In the work on this material, I was helped by an automobile master with golden hands Bogdan D., we will thank him in unison, put out all the nuances on the shelves.

You need a car inverter, what is it?

In modern wheelbarrows a lot of electrical appliances that run on battery power. They need 12V voltage, and all the electronics inside your pelvis are designed just for him. But do you need 220 or so, where can I get it?

Imagine, you want to go with friends to nature, load a shrimp in a frying pan, throw it all on a fire and celebrate any summer day with a good European beer. You take from the house the most usual audio system and plug it into the socket right in the car. Great plan!

To realize what you have conceived, you need to buy a couple of kilo of seafood, a box of unfiltered and a car inverter .

It is such a device that will help transform the current in the electrical system of the machine in the necessary way and will enable you to connect through yourself not only the home audio system, but even a TV or refrigerator.

A car inverter converts a constant voltage in a wheelbarrow into an alternating – this is used at home. To do this, you need a built-in current generator. It creates a harmonious wave that transforms your 12B into 220 or so.

In the normal inverter there are also protective mechanisms. They are needed so that the device does not catch fire when too much heat from a high load. There are even models in which active air cooling is provided.

And what kind of inverters? Most often these are small boxes that can be connected to either the cigarette lighter or directly to the electrical system of the car.

They have several outlets for connecting the most common plugs from household appliances, and on some – even a pair of USB, and they can shove any mobile gadgets.

In general, if you plan to go in search of adventure, you just need an inverter.

The more expensive the inverter is than the cheap one and vice versa

I’m sure you’ve already run through the online stores to look for a suitable inverter. When you realize that the price of these devices can differ by dozens of times, return to this article and study further.

Be sure, it’s not just about brand eminence. No, in most cases, the cost is affected by the functionality of the device – for example, its power.

The expert, whom I invited to back up the information with experience, suggests dividing all inverters in this plan into three categories.

Up to 300W. These are the weakest models, which in most cases are connected through the cigarette lighter. There are options where such can be attached directly to the car’s electrical network, but it’s pointless – too much trouble.

Most often, these are taken to recharge mobile devices and some laptops. But sometimes it’s easier to just put the car charger in the cigarette lighter.

300 – 1500W. Such automotive inverters are called standard or conventional. They are powered only directly from the mains of the machine.

They can be used to connect a telly, any laptop and even a microwave.

More than 1500W. These very powerful inverters are connected only directly to the mains, and they are chosen mainly for complex work in the wild (for example, construction sites).

To such a drill can be easily connected, and a Bulgarian, if it is really necessary.

Look, when choosing an inverter, be sure that it outperforms your devices by at least 20-30%. If you connect something too powerful, it will burn and risk to burn the wiring in the wheelbarrow (at least in theory). And for 100% a long time do not load, you risk spoiling.

If the devices you plan to connect to the inverter require stable 220V, choose the most powerful – more than 1500 watts. Models of 300W are unlikely to deliver more than 200V.

Each car inverter can work in 3 modes:

  • Launch mode – on it the device quickly gives the maximum power to “get” something demanding. In this mode, he will not last long.
  • Normal mode – in such an inverter maintains its normal power as needed.
  • The overload mode is an especially powerful mode. In such an inverter will work up to 30 minutes, in this case it gives up to 1.5 more than the claimed power.

An engineer with experience will confirm that at maximum power any device will not live long.

That’s the inverter in 95% of cases should be used in the normal mode, and for this, it does not need to connect devices that do not fit its power.

How to choose a normal car inverter and do not blur

There are frankly cheap low-quality inverters, which need to be bypassed. And otherwise, the correct choice of such a device will be for everyone.

The inverter is selected for specific devices that will be connected to it, and here are 6 points to consider.

1) Check the generator power of the car. There is a golden rule: the power of the inverter can not be more than 50% of the generator’s power.

Only in this case, when your car is wound up, the inverter will not discharge the battery – at least with the devices connected to it. About one half of its capacity will go to the needs of auto systems, so you have the second.

If you do not follow this rule, you risk to be somewhere in the forest with a discharged battery. It does not sound too rosy, does it?

Look, the converter for 750W operates at a voltage of 13V – this is 58A. VAZovskaya 10-ka at idle turns will not give such a current, so the inverter will eat the charge of the battery and let you down at the most inopportune moment.

The maximum generator of this car can give out 80A, but it will turn out to reach only at 5000 turns of the engine in a minute.

2) Determine the device for it. It is advisable to carefully study the devices that you will connect to the inverter: how much power they need at startup, in normal mode and at a peak.

Also take into account that the voltage of the inverter depends on the voltage, and only the most powerful ones will be able to give out more or less steadily.

Xiaomi Mi Car Inverter

Xiaomi Mi Car Inverter Mijia from the inside

3) Understand the model of its use. The cigarette lighter in the car usually does not give out more than 100W, so when buying an inverter that will connect to it, pay attention to it.

If you need something more powerful, think about what and how it will be connected, where there should be an outlet: inside the cabin or not – all this will greatly affect your choice.

Xiaomi Mijia SMARTMI

4) Pay attention to his brand. The normal inverter is equipped with protection against short circuits and overheating, Chinese unknown origin – no.

It is best to look for a suitable model in large chain stores, there you definitely will not get something frankly wild.

If you adore AliExpress, be sure to pay attention to Xiaomi inverters:

  • Xiaomi Mi Car Inverter Mijia (3,550 rubles.) – inverter for the cup holder
  • Xiaomi Mijia SMARTMI (3 350 rub.) – Traditional inverter

Both inverters are 100W – they plug into the cigarette lighter for mobile gadgets.

Xiaomi Mi Car Inverter Mijia

5) Specify the type of the inverter socket. Look, for example, in Xiaomi Mi Car Inverter Mijia for a glass holder is not our outlet, so you’ll need an adapter.

But in Xiaomi Mijia SMARTMI universal input for any plugs, but absolutely different form factor. Choose what you prefer, if you are considering Xiaomi.

6) Check out the add. features inverter. Expensive inverters offer a host of auxiliary features: information screens, voltage change and USB. If this is not necessary, do not overpay.

I like inverters for cigarette lighter with USB. On the one hand, you get a full outlet, on the other hand, you do not lose the interface for charging your iPhone.

The inverter is a complex device, and it needs to be used correctly

Despite the mass of protective mechanisms, inverters still remain quite complex devices that do not like a disregard.

In order not to burn all the electricians in your car, remember a simple sequence of actions for using it from 3 steps.

At first. When you start a wheelbarrow, the inverter must be turned off.

Secondly. When you are wound up and turned on the inverter, wait 10-15 seconds.

Thirdly. Only after this, connect your devices to the inverter.

If you chose a normal inverter and use it correctly, you will not have any problems at all.

Instead of output: but do you really need an inverter?

In fact, this is a very difficult question, in which you must understand first.

For example, for all mobile devices, you definitely have charging banks that will prolong their life for a few days. The same story with modern laptops, and normal portable speakers will live from one charge not one day.

Nevertheless, you may not have the newest laptop, charging for batteries from the camera, home speakers that can be used for take-out, and other gadgets for which an inverter outside the city will become a real find .

By tradition, write your opinion about the outlet in the car. Absolute masthev or insanely useless nonsense?

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