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Canadian Prime Minister paid a fine of $ 100 for undeclared sunglasses

The regulator punished Trudeau, who did not inform on the gifts in time.

Justin Trudeau in the presented glasses. Photo CP

The Canadian Parliament’s ethics watchdog fined the prime minister and actual head of state Justin Trudeau by $ 100 for failing to declare two pairs of sunglasses. According to the authorities, Trudeau paid a fine in full.

The press service of Trudeau explained that he did not tell the authorities about the donated glasses because of the “administrative error”. According to the representatives of the Prime Minister, the form of the declaration was filled incorrectly.

The glasses of the Canadian brand Fellow Earthlings became a gift to Justin Trudeau and his wife from Wade McLukland, premiere of the province of Prince Island. He presented two pairs of glasses in leather cases. Their cost is on average 300-500 dollars.

According to the law, the prime minister should inform the regulator about all gifts more than $ 200 within 30 days. Points presented Trudeau in the summer of 2017.

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