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Bethesda took offense at the creators of the game Westworld for blatant copying Fallout Shelter

Recently for iOS and Android mobile game Westworld, created based on the eponymous series HBO. All would be fine, but many noticed the obvious similarity of the project with another hit – Fallout Shelter. The owner of the rights to the latter, the company Bethesda Softworks, did not wait long and sued the publisher and developer Westworld.

It is curious that Behavior Studio Interactive worked on both games. However, in the case of Fallout Shelter, all rights to the project are owned by Bethesda. The plaintiff believes that in order to create a new game based on the “Wild West” in Behavior, the Fallout Shelter code was copied blatantly. As a result, the two games have a very similar design, style, animation, game mechanics and even some errors.

In Bethesda believe that the developers of Westworld violated all the rules of decency and now must respond. For infringement of copyrights and conditions of the contract, Behavior Interactive, as well as the publisher of Warner Bros must pay, that is, to compensate for all the damage.

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