World Championship2018

A fan from the United States gave a Russian wheelchair for 10 thousand dollars

American with disabilities on health Able Vera came to Moscow for the World Cup and gave the Russian fan a new wheelchair worth 10 thousand dollars,
“This chair for $ 10 thousand – you!” A fan of the United States in a wheelchair gave the Russian a modern wheelchair

Able Vera created the What Pushes You fund to help people with disabilities and works as a social worker in California: he himself lost the opportunity to walk 27 years after the accident. Vera also loves football, so came to see the game in Russia. In the Moscow fan zone, he saw a Russian fan on an old broken wheelchair, so he decided to present a modern one. Vera explained that the American insurance covers the spare parts of the armchair, and when they get a new one in the US, they leave the old ones in their home.

“Why should I keep three or four chairs in the house when I know that someone needs more in Moscow? We met with this guy. He was so happy when he moved to a new chair. His smile, the way he sat, how he rode, touched and looked at him. I remember – and at once goose bumps. How did he react to the fact that some random person came up and said: “Hey, this is a $ 10,000 chair for you!” Vera said.

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