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6 games on the iPhone for racing and drift lovers

Unfortunately, the very entertaining kind of motor sport is poorly popularized and is developing all over the world. Even in computer games, competitions for passing a track in a controlled drift have recently become a rarity.

On the mobile platform there are several dozen games about drift, but only a few of them deserve your attention.

1. Donuts Drift – can be played with one hand

Quite simple, but exciting application, in which you need to write out “donuts” and collect bonuses. The graphics are simple to disgraceful, but the physics of slip is written qualitatively.

You can play in the vertical position of the device, and one of the options for management and does involve the use of one button.

2. Drift Zone 2 – for lovers of long slip

The second part of the game is about protracted drift in parking lots and car parks.

In the garage are available ten sports cars with the possibility of improvement and visual tuning. There is also a proprietary chip in the form of time slowdown, which makes it possible to make more effective skids.

  • Download Drift Zone 2 from the App Store – for free

3. Drift Max Pro with many modes

The game has a fairly long career line with different kinds of competitions and tests. In each race, you must fulfill three goals.

Have to do a continuous slide, go by the side or hurry for a while. There are several classes of cars with different characteristics, settings and tuning.

In the game, the simplest and most understandable physics of drifts, drifting is very simple, but at the same time it is interesting.

4. Real Drift Car Racing – game with a good soundtrack.

Fairly average game about competitions on drift. A small number of cars and not the most predictable physics of sliding do not allow the application to get into the top.

A good quality winding soundtrack and a variety of tracks from closed polygons to city streets are pleasing.

5. Dubai Drift 2 – drift with multiplayer

In this game you will have a long time to get used to the strange wagging auto and to anticipate the trajectory of skidding.

The most persistent will be rewarded with different game modes, most of which are available for online competitions. You can set records and compete with other players.

6. GRID ™ Autosport is the most hardcore drift

One of the coolest car simulators for iOS also has this mode of competition. You can compete with the enemy, try to set the best time or get the most points for skidding.

It is very difficult to go through drift competitions, even with all sorts of software assistants, and if you turn them off, you will get an impassable stage for hardcore drifters.

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