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The new service from Instagram is considered a threat to YouTube

Most of us are used to watching the most different videos on YouTube. However, very soon the dominant position of the giant may be shaken thanks to the IGTV service launched by Instagram a couple of days ago. Many believe that the novelty can make a very strong competition YouTube.

Many content authors have long been looking for an alternative to YouTube because of the company’s unstable policy regarding cash payments to owners of popular channels, writes Engadget. Those who make money on video content long ago are not averse to switching to another platform, which is not so fiercely defending copyrights (for example, on musical accompaniment) and does not put forward dozens of conditions. While the competitor was not, but it could well be IGTV.

The problem of the latter is that while it does not presuppose any forms of earnings. However, the creators of the service do not exclude the introduction of an advanced monetization system in the near future. However, even the current state of things does not bother many bloggers who are tired of YouTube. According to them, you can earn not only thanks to payments from the service, but also through native advertising.

Note that IGTV is available as a separate application, and in the Instagram client. With the new function, you can shoot and publish vertically oriented videos with a resolution of up to 4K for up to one hour. Previously, Instagram users had no more than a minute to share their content.

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