Sad facts about the iPhone in 2018. Not like you expected

Apple introduces the new iPhone in the first half of September, and until this point is less than 3 months. Summer flies by unnoticed, and I propose to prepare for the upgrade of the main smartphone.

I did not switch to the iPhone X from 7-ki, so for me the question is particularly acute. I’m looking forward to, but I realize what exactly will not be in the novelties of 2018.

The features that were removed in the iPhone X will not be returned:

  • Finger Scanner Touch ID – do not wait for Apple even the sensor under the screen, it abandoned the technology as such
  • Familiar Home button – it will not even be in the form of a separate accessory
  • Aspect ratio of the screen 16/9 – the world rules 18/9, and Apple supports this trend

Apple is a predictable company, and its top does not take random steps. The manufacturer selects the direction and moves in it, not turning aside. Even if some decision turned out to be wrong, Tim Cook and the company do not recognize this, but they will beat it cool.

Yes, it would be nice to have not only a Face ID for face authentication, but also a Touch ID for using a finger. But the latest technology is already recognized as obsolete, so in 2018 they will be buried .

The same story with the rejection of the 3.5-audio output. The decision is still controversial, but the company will not agree with this even at gunpoint. Forget.

Talk about the triple camera will not be until 2019

At the beginning of the year, Economic Daily News merged information about Apple’s preparations for launching the iPhone with no longer a double but a triple camera, and I already expressed my opinion on this here .

Another additional “peephole” can become wide-angle or monochrome at the discretion of Apple. It will help the company to continue playing with depth of field and other additional chips, and even make pictures with iPhone better.

In 2015, the manufacturer just bought the Israeli company LinX, which uses several cameras to improve the images by means of sophisticated sharing. And you really think that in 2018 it’s time to start using the fruits of teamwork. But no, early.

These same Economic Daily News stress that three cameras will not be on the iPhone before 2019. And this year we will be content with two or even all new models. Resign.

Lightning is unlikely to be replaced with USB-C this year

The future behind the cables USB-C – USB-C, I long smeared on your screen this thought in this article .

With such laces, it will not matter which side and where you put them in general. Moreover, you can have a universal cable for iPhone and Mac, and that would be cool. But there will be many questions to this decision.

Problems with USB-C cables – USB-C for iPhone:

  • The quality of accessories – the iPhone was conceived as a device for everyone and remains so today, and “everyone” can shove a wildly sliced ​​USB-C lace of unknown origin and burn the device. MacBook for the advanced, they do not.
  • Compatibility issue – the universal connection standard does not fit with iOS closed. Roughly speaking, if the iPhone gets such an interface, it’s only in a very truncated form without connecting to monitors and other peripherals. Then why do you need such a USB-C ?!
  • The security problem – the current strength (voltage and that’s all) that USB-C can give out is much higher than that of the protected Lightning. If you connect not then and there, you will arrange an apocalypse of a local scale.
  • Large size – yes, USB-C more Lightning will, and it looks like a downgrade.
  • Strike accessories – none of the Lightning accessory will not be suitable for the release of the new iPhone. If the adapters to the MacBook are somehow appropriate, then they do not need anything, so the users’ anger is guaranteed.

Of course, we would like a universal interface for everything, but we are not ready for it yet. So it seems to me.

But in DigiTimes do not agree . They say they are ready. Well, how ready … we will be ready by 2019, when Apple and will launch the iPhone with USB-C. But not in 2018.

It is unlikely that the “monoble” will be reduced


I sincerely regret that after the release of the iPhone X, competitors rushed to copy the True Depth module, which the people managed to call “monobloc”.

I’m not the only one sure that she became the new face of Apple, which was supposed to distinguish her from competitors in the market of frameless smartphones. I wrote about it here.

The network has long been rumored that Apple plans to reduce monobrow, and they were recently confirmed in ET News. But I’m pretty sure that all the new iPhone, there will be no less than 3 of them, will get exactly the same module.

Why do they speak of a decrease? Most likely, we are talking about reducing its size in relation to the area of ​​the screens.

In 2018 we are waiting not only for the 5.8-inch iPhone, but also 6.1- and 6.5-inch. On the last two, it will definitely look smaller.

Why are there less competitors? For example, in OnePlus 6, the cutout is already much smaller than that of the iPhone X.

Nevertheless, the first one has only a camera, as well as proximity and illumination sensors. And the second one has a whole fan of sensors, which guarantees secure authentication.

And do not forget that monobrow – it’s still a new iPhone logo . Therefore, to reduce or somehow hide it definitely will not. As a result, Apple will come to transfer all the sensors under the screen, but it will not happen in 2018.

Apple Pencil is unlikely to be allowed to use with the iPhone


wrote that the iPhone should work with Apple Pencil back in 2016. But until 2018 I had a clear belief that Apple would not at all go for it.

First , the company will not question the uniqueness of the iPad Pro – a professional tool for creative personalities.

Secondly , Apple Pencil is sharpened precisely for professional drawing, and even on the conventionally large screen of the iPhone X Plus, such a scenario does not look adequate. It’s better in general 12.9 inches, which is 6.5 …

Thirdly , how can I drag this huge stylus with the iPhone? Okay with the iPad, it’s already not compact . But with a smartphone it will be wild.

However, there is an option that Apple will someday release a special small stylus for smartphones. Even her patent is appropriate . But it appeared in 2017, and the promised wait for 3 years. Alas.

And Apple does not exactly go to OLED completely


In September 2018, we continue to wait for 3 iPhone: an inexpensive 6.1-inch with an IPS display, 5.8- and 6.5-inch with OLED-screens. Full transition to a new technology for the manufacturer this year is not exactly worth waiting for.

In the case of Apple OLED-screens, the release of which engaged LG and Samsung, greatly increase the cost of the iPhone, so they will receive only the top models . This is almost 100%.

Despite all this, every iPhone 2018 will definitely find its buyer. I myself am looking forward to the opportunity to touch the largest model, but I’m afraid of its price in absentia. Wait is not long.

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