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Russian fan apologized to journalist DW for a kiss and harassment on the air

“I acted lightly and did not think that my act would embarrass and shock you.”

Russian fan Ruslan, who during the air hugged and took the journalist Deutsche Welle for the chest, apologized for his actions. He came to the Russian office of the news agency and contacted the girl via Skype.

According to Ruslan, he was walking around Moscow with his friends and argued that he would kiss the journalist on air. When the employee of DW went on the air, he ran up to her, grabbed her by the chest and kissed her. The fan noted that he did not intend to harass the journalist and did not expect that this would cause such a resonance.

The fan Ruslan. Photos of DW

I know that your work is difficult, and I hope that you will never face such an incident in your career. I am really sorry.

Russian fan

June 14, Deutsche Welle said that one of the journalists came to the fan during the broadcast from the opening of the 2018 World Cup. The girl did not react to the actions of the man and continued to broadcast. The video was distributed by Russianand Western media , and the agency itself called Ruslan’s actions harassment.

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