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Melania Trump went to the migrant children in the jacket “I do not care”. The US president had to protect his wife

The first lady stated that there was no hidden message in the choice of clothes, but Trump had another version of the events.

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On June 21, the wife of US President Melanie Trump visited a shelter in Texas for migrant children from El Salvador and Honduras. But the media and users of social networks paid more attention not to the trip, but to the choice of clothes for the first lady. On the plane she went in a jacket with the inscription “I really do not care, do you?” (“I really do not care do u?”).

Under US law, adult violators of migration rules are detained, but children can not be arrested. Therefore, they are sent to special centers, where they live separately from relatives. According to the US government, from May 5 to June 19 at the border of the United States and Mexico with their parents were separated more than two thousand children. June 20, Trump signed a decree to end the practice of separating families of illegal immigrants, and the next day his wife went to one of these centers.

Already during the flight Melania Trump was criticized by Western publications, who called the choice of jacket “a strange and insensible act” – the inscription “I do not care” was associated with the attitude to migrant children. Upon arrival in Texas, she was no longer wearing jackets, but the first lady again put it on after meeting with the children.

In social networks noted that the same jacket is sold in the store Zara for $ 39, when both Melania Trump is known for her love for more expensive designer things. Because of this, users have concluded that the inscription carries a message.

“Melania Trump and really put on a jacket with the inscription” I do not care, do you? “During a trip to Texas to visit the migrant children separated from their parents. This is a stiff and unacceptable act ”

“Melania Trump put on a jacket with the inscription” I do not care, but you? “. Because it’s all the same. It was intentional »

“If you do not see anything in this, then ask yourself: how would the story remember the first lady Eleanor Roosevelt, if she wore such a jacket when landing on a plane that flies to the surviving victims of the Holocaust”

A spokeswoman for Melini Trump said that there was no hidden message in the jacket, and advised journalists to pay more attention to the trip to the children in Texas. But the US president on Twitter has published another version of the events: according to Trump, the phrase “I do not care, do you?” Is meant for “false media” with which he has long been at war.

“The phrase” I really do not care, but you? “, Written on the back of Melania’s jacket, refers to the media spreading fake news. Melania understood how deceitful they were, and now she really does not care! ”

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